Why Ekta Real Estate?

The Ekta Real Estate Marketplace makes building your portfolio easier, faster, and secure to buyers and sellers around the world. 

Through the power of Ekta’s self-developed blockchain, it’s now possible to tokenize prestigious real world properties, bringing everything from dream homes to luxury villas on-chain in NFT form. Best of all, Ekta Real Estate’s fractional ownership, makes real estate more accessible. 

Start building your Real Estate portfolio today and earn rewards that can help grow your Real Estate portfolio every month.

On-chain Diversification
Build your Real Estate portfolio with luxury villas, towers or apartments with none of the traditional barriers of entry
Unlock Global Opportunities
Access global Real Estate opportunities with lower entry costs than traditional markets through the Ekta Real Estate Marketplace
Generate Passive Rewards
Earn rewards from a service based management that allows you to collect monthly rewards from your Real Estate portfolio
Safe and Secure Transactions
Always have full control over your transactions with security protocols that ensure transparent, safe and secure processes.

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Featured Development

mint Date: Q3 2023

EKTA ISLAND, Gili Gede, Indonesia

Development Evaluation: +$100M

Construction: Q3 2023

Open to Public: Q4 2025

Real Estate Simplified

Buy Ekta and add to your MetaMask wallet

View the current properties on realesate.ekta.io

Choose a property with great rewards

Build your Real Estate portfolio and receive rewards monthly

Why Ekta Real Estate?

Ekta Real Estate bridges Real Estate properties with blockchain, giving more people access to global Real Estate opportunities. This development allows everyday people to build their Real Estate portfolio and earn monthly rewards for as little as $200USD.


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