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In this webinar, Blake Bevon, The Head of Ekta Real Estate will show you how to:

Ekta Real Estate's Solution for Property Buyers

Ekta Real Estate's
Solution for Property Buyers

Berwin Tanco, CEO & Founder of, Is a Self Made Property Developer with 23 Years Experience...

"I have been developing property globally for 23 years and I am now using blockchain technology to allow developing, buying and selling of real estate faster, easier and cheaper for everyone."

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Summary of Ekta Real Estate

Entire Property


Fractional RE 

Transparent & Trustless

The most secure way to buy & sell real estate using blockchain technology

Compliant Cross Border

Complies with global policies & regulations accross all countries

Cost & Time Effective

Immediate funding with low transaction fees

Low Minimums to Start

Fractional entries start as low as $200USD to increase buyers

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