What are Ekta Real Estate F-NFTs?

Ekta Real Estate makes real estate investment easy, fast, and secure to buyers and sellers around the world. Through the power of Ekta’s self-developed blockchain, it’s now possible to tokenize prestigious real world properties, bringing everything from dream homes to luxury villas on-chain in NFT form. Best of all, Ekta Real Estate’s F-NFTs enable fractional ownership, making real estate investing more accessible. Invest today and earn dividends, APY yields, rental income, property value appreciation, and other rewards — in addition to access to world-class facilities around the globe. 

Our services

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On-chain Luxury Properties
Invest in luxury villas on the tropical island of Bali with none of the traditional barriers of entry, thanks to fractionalized NFTs.
Unlock Investment Opportunities
Access real estate investment opportunities with low entry costs through Ekta’s decentralized financial platform.
Generate Passive Income
Earn while you sleep. Take home rental earnings and benefit from property value appreciation in the form of $EKTA tokens.
Safe and Secure Transactions
Always have full control over your transactions with security protocols that ensure transparent, safe and secure processes.

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Featured Properties

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817 12th Ave N Fargo, ND 58102

Min Investment: $50

Est. 1-Year Return: 16.94%

Featured Property

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Platform Features

Real Estate Simplified

Buy Ekta and add to your MetaMask walle

View the current properties on realesate.ekta.io

Choose a property with great ROI

Make your investment and receive passive income within 30 days

Why Ekta Real Estate?

Ekta Real Estate bridges real-world, physical assets with blockchain, giving more people access to property investment opportunities with competitive returns. This groundbreaking new blockchain development allows everyday people to invest in luxury properties and generate passive income.


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