Ekta brings you exclusive tokenized real estate possibilities with Blockchain Bay. Situated on the pristine Indonesian island of Gili Gede, Blockchain Bay makes eco-friendly, luxury properties available to blockchain enthusiasts through NFTs.

The Gili Gede development introduces real-world property investment opportunities to both the public and Ekta’s partner NFT holders, with partner NFT holders receiving select benefits and access to private properties. The roadmap includes two construction phases starting in Q4, 2022. Phase one will see the development of:

  • 81 villas, 285 marina berths, yacht club, beach club & a private 8-bedroom villa estate

Phase two will include the development of:

  • 200+ honeycomb living pods
  • blockchain co-working space

Here is a first look at this ambitious NFT real estate development. Available in Q4

Development NFT Mint: Q4 2022

Development Sale Price: +$100M
Minimum Investment: TBD
Rewards Payout: Monthly Villas: 81 Honeycomb Pods: 200+ Beach Club: Yes Yacht Club: Yes Superyacht Berths: 285


Ekta Real Estate F-NFTs allow investors to buy a specific real-world property in increments (“units”) as little as $250. The more units you own, the more rental income you earn, and the more rewards such as staying rights you gain access to.
We select properties in markets with strong tourism and high occupancy rates on nightly rentals, much like an Airbnb business operator would. While Ekta is headquartered in Bali, one of the top tourist destinations in the world, we are expanding into new high value markets across the globe.
Due to regulatory and compliance measures, Ekta Real Estate will be offering all properties on a long-term leasehold basis, such as 30 or 50 years. Investors will own their percentage of the long-term lease and may sell their ownership of the lease in the Ekta NFT Marketplace at any time.
Net rental income is split proportionally to all owners of the property. Neither Ekta nor the property developer make any profit margin on rental income, and investors share of the distribution is not diluted. Rental income is paid monthly via the Ekta Real Estate DApp, and can be claimed in stable coin or $EKTA (with a bonus for using $EKTA).
Ekta believes in the power of the free market, and for this reason, the market will dictate the price of the assets. Owners may price their units for sale at any time, at any price, while interested buyers can browse offers and purchase units at their discretion.
It may vary from property to property, but as a general rule of thumb, we strive to make investors who own at least 1% of a property eligible for staying rights. The more units you own, the more free nights you earn.
As an added bonus for investors in new build/off plan properties, investors will be able to stake their investment for a 25% APR until the property is completed and available for rental.

Yes, the owner of the free nights may choose any name to make a reservation.

Ekta only works with established, world class developers who have long public track records of success. In addition, all properties are professionally inspected, appraised, and verified to be compliant with government standards.
Financial reports and forecasts for every property will be available to view anytime by clicking on the “download reports” button on the property page.
Every property is professionally managed from end to end, including maintenance, management, marketing, booking, guest relations, utilities, etc. The ROI forecast takes all expenses into account.


Gili Gede is one of the most secluded islands around Lombok, Indonesia. Highly desirable for sailing dude to its protected bay even when swells decimate the surrounding islands.

A 60 second boat ride will offer all guests a sensational fishing experience along with diving through some of the most beautiful corals Indonesia has to offer.

A 10 minute boat road will land you in one of the worlds best waves, Desert Point, where you will score the best waves of your life.

Lombok itself is a stones throw away from Gili Gede and allows for plenty of exploring on the mainland, however when you have the sand on Ekta Island between your toes, why would you want to travel anywhere else?

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